Symposium 2234 - Team Diversity I – New Insights On Processes Within Diverse Teams.

Diversity in work teams
vendredi 19 mai   09:00 AM à 10:00 AM (1 heure)
Teams and workgroups
Diversity in work teams
Team diversity I – New insights on processes within diverse teams.
S. Stegmann 1,*, C. Buengeler 2
1Institute of Psychology, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art
The effects of team diversity, defined as the amount of differences between team members, for organizations and their members are drawing continued attention from both researchers and practitioners. While for a long time there was a heated debate on whether diversity would rather be detrimental or beneficial, the last two decades have seen astonishing progress concerning our knowledge of team-level mediators and moderators of diversity effects.
New Perspectives/Contributions
In this symposium, we take a closer look at the influence of structures, roles, and perceptions of individuals within teams. Homan et al. report on challenges of leaders that are younger than their team, and how this shapes leader and employee perceptions. Buengeler et al. demonstrate the critical role of leader goal orientation for deciding whether diversity training should be aimed at leaders or their teams. Van Dijk et al. show that stereotypes can harm or help team performance, depending on their accuracy. Finally, Stegmann et al. demonstrate that individual team members’ identification with diversity is associated with individual information elaboration, contingent on team identification and diversity beliefs.
Research/Practical Implications
The four contributions illustrate the added value of looking beyond team-level factors in diversity research. Studying internal role structures, individual diversity-related perceptions and attitudes, stereotypes, and various levels of social identification is likely to add a more nuanced view to diversity effects in organizations. From a practical perspective, these aspects open up new ways to help diverse teams and their leaders to harvest their full potential.


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