Symposium 2371 - Leadership And Employee Well-Being/Health – Current State Of The Literature And Future Directions

Outcomes of constructive/destructive leadership
jeudi 18 mai   01:15 PM à 02:45 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
Leadership and management
Outcomes of constructive/destructive leadership
Leadership and employee well-being/health – Current state of the literature and future directions
K. Hildenbrand*
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art
Previous research on the intercept of leadership and employee well-being/health reports in parts inconclusive findings (positive, negative and null), which mostly depend on the type of leader behaviours/style that were examined (e.g., transformational or destructive leadership) and the conceptualisation of employee well-being/health (e.g., affective well-being, positive affect or burnout). These studies are often not grounded in strong theory and the reported findings are frequently based on cross-sectional data from single companies. Importantly, the existing studies rarely consider that employees nowadays mainly work in teams and that team factors can be expected to affect the leadership-well-being/health link.
New perspectives/Contributions
This symposium contributes to research on leadership and employee well-being/health in multiple ways. Firstly, research on leadership and well-being/health is systematically reviewed and a framework that can guide future research is proposed. Secondly, studies that offer novel perspectives of the said link and that overcome the shortcomings outlined above are presented. These studies contribute, amongst others, through jointly examining various leadership styles and through discussing leader behaviours that have in this form not yet been considered relevant for employee well-being/health. Furthermore, the effect of leadership on employee well-being/health is examined in the group context and with longitudinal research designs, while previous research that focuses on direct/indirect effects is expanded through considering leadership as a buffer/intensifier of factors that affect well-being/health.
Research/Practical implications
The central role of leaders in impacting employee well-being/health in light of the current health epidemic is highlighted. Implications for leadership training and selection are discussed.

University of Sheffield, IWP
Lecturer in Leadership and OB

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