TH-P02-111 - Cultural Indicators and Individual Differences in Trust Judgment of Job Candidates

Cultural issues in selection
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jeudi 18 mai   02:00 PM à 05:30 PM (3 heures 30 minutes)
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Employee Selection
Cultural issues in selection
Cultural Indicators and Individual Differences in Trust Judgment of Job Candidates
M.-H. Lin*
Content: Content:PurposeThis study investigates the relationship between cultural factors and individual differences on trust.Methodology179 Malaysian students participated an experiment using a simulated applicant screening tool where potential jobcandidates’ virtual resumes were viewed and trust judgment was rated. Applicants’ ability, benevolence, and integritywere manipulated either as high or low on one of the trustworthiness indicators. Neutral applicants were also added.Measures of personality, individual trust propensity, the need for cognition, analytic-holistic cognition and power distancewas also collected.ResultsHierarchical moderated regressions tested if cultural indicators predicted trust judgments above and beyond individualdifferences. Three distinct patterns emerged. Neither cultural nor individual differences predicted trust judgment ofsomeone with high ability. While individual differences predicted high benevolence; cultural indicators predicted highintegrity and neutral description of candidates.LimitationsThe addition of different national samples would verify the findings in addition to sociocultural variables.ImplicationsTrust is not an innate tendency but may depend on the context of evaluation. Different factors might be important inpredicting trust during the employee selection process. A complex model of trust is needed to account for situationalaspects.ValueThis study suggests the complexity when judging trust, as it may not only depend on the characteristics of the trustee, butthe broader aspects of the situation trustee are embedded in. Future studies should consider these aspects tounderstand the complexity of trust development in different cultures.


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