Symposium 2533 - Understanding And Predicting Performance At Work: Theoretical Advances, Co-Validation And 'People Analytics'

Validity of tests
jeudi 18 mai   04:15 PM à 05:45 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
Employee Selection
Validity of tests
Understanding and predicting performance at work: Theoretical advances, co-validation and 'People Analytics'
R. H. Kurz*
Main Abstract Content: This symposium is designed to enhance professional understanding and prediction of performance.
The first paper applies the revolutionary Periodic Table of Personality to the performance space.
The second paper illustrates the validity of 26 PAPI personality scales and 14 Talent Indicator reviewer rating scales.
The third paper looks at the validity of underlying, every day and overextended persona measures against external performance ratings on the Great 8 competencies.
The fourth paper investigates the validity of Emotional intelligence Profile scales in two Sales samples.
The fifth paper explores the prediction of cumulative performance measures using mixed model regression analysis.
The sixth paper presents results of a review of Assessment Centre usage that lead to Best Practice Guidelines with specific reference to the recommendation to use algorithm based score integration.
The papers shine a light on performance, the ‘black hole’ of Work Psychology and elucidate better ways of predicting performance.

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