Symposium 2607 - Staying Healthy And Productive:A Multimethod Perspective On The Role Of Social Demands And Ways To Cope With It

Coping and social support
vendredi 19 mai   11:30 AM à 01:00 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
Lynch Theatre
Positive organizational behaviour
Staying healthy and productive:
A multimethod perspective on the role of social demands and ways to cope with it
C. Binnewies*, E. Brosch 1
1Work Psychology, University of Muenster, Institute of Psychology, Muenster, Germany
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art
Stress research well-documented negative effects of social and task-related demands for employee well-being. This symposium brings together five studies exploring different factors helping employees to stay healthy and productive as well as enriched in their private life despite high demands. All studies focus on positive health- and performance promoting approaches (e.g., recovery during vacation, job crafting, self-compassion, rewarding relationships). The symposium includes a multimethod perspective: three diary studies analyzing daily process, one longitudinal study examining employees’ pre and post vacation and a meta-analysis to summarize research findings.
New Perspectives/Contributions
Elfering et al. examine the role of social demands and failure at work for employees’ sleep quality in a longitudinal pre-/post-vacation study. In a diary study, Van Gool et al show the moderating effect of daily job crafting in the relationship between social network characteristics and daily creativity. Igic et al. demonstrate the health-promoting effect of daily self-compassion for well-being and productivity using a diary study. In their diary study, Brosch and Binnewies confirmed the positive effect of daily rewarding relationships for daily work-life enrichment and negative effects of daily social demands. Jensen et al. summarize antecedents of work-life enrichment in their meta-analysis.
Research/Practical Implications
The studies in this symposium provide positive approaches to promote well-being, performance and work-life enrichment in employees on a daily level, during vacation and in general. Implications for individuals and organizations will be discussed.

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