Symposium 1191 - Making Breaks Work: Ingredients For Recovery And Sustainable Working Life

Recovery and unwinding
vendredi 19 mai   11:30 AM à 01:00 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
GM Auditorium
Employee stress and burnout
Recovery and unwinding
Making breaks work: Ingredients for recovery and sustainable working life
J. De Bloom*, C. Syrek 1
1Trier University, Trier, Germany
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art: Today´s workforce is confronted with increasing job demands, rising job insecurity and blurring spatial and temporal boundaries between work and private life. These demanding work environments are associated with adverse consequences for well-being, health, and performance. Recovery is defined as a period of rest and psycho-physiological unwinding and therefore a key mechanism in buffering the relation between work-related stress and ill-health. While research shows the beneficial effect of vacations, weekends or leisure time during an evening off-work, it is yet not well understood how positive (e.g. exercise, vacation reminiscence) and negative behaviors and experiences (e.g. incivility, task aversiveness) during and after work may counteract or aggravate detrimental consequences of work stress.
New Perspective/Contribution: This symposium contributes to our understanding of recovery by 1) focusing on positive and negative behaviors and experiences during work and leisure time and 2) shedding light on the processes taking place before, during, and after a break and their implications for recovery.
Conclusion and Implications for Research/Practice: This symposium presents methodologically strong designs with a broad spectrum of research methods (i.e., experiments, intervention studies, diary studies) and incorporates within- and between person perspectives. The purpose of our symposium is to expand our knowledge of recovery effects on well-being, health and work performance, and to gain insights into the processes that underlie recovery such as recreational behavior, exercise, rumination, autonomy, and relaxation. Our symposium will contribute to our growing understanding of antecedents, processes and outcomes of short- and long-term recovery episodes.

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