Fr-SYM-1191-7 - Lagged Effects Of Affective And Cognitive Rumination On Work-Related Outcomes

Recovery and unwinding
vendredi 19 mai   11:30 AM à 12:30 PM (1 heure)
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Employee stress and burnout
Recovery and unwinding
Lagged effects of affective and cognitive rumination on work-related outcomes
U. Kinnunen*, J. De Bloom 1, M. Sianoja 1
1University Of Tampere, Tampere, Finland
Main Abstract Content: Purpose: The aim of the study is to examine whether affective and cognitive rumination during off-job time have lagged effects on work-related outcomes (job exhaustion, work engagement, organizational commitment and citizenship behaviour). Earlier studies have shown that affective rumination hinders recovery from work and relates to negative outcomes and suggest that rumination with a problem-solving focus could have beneficial effects.
Design/Methodology: The three-wave longitudinal data with a time lag of one year (spring 2013–2016, T1–T3) were collected using questionnaires among Finnish employees (N = 664) from different sectors and jobs (58% women, average age 47.5 years). 
Results: The results showed that affective rumination at T1 had a lagged effect on high exhaustion and low levels of engagement and organizational commitment at T2. Of these effects, none lasted from T1 to T3. Cognitive rumination at T1 predicted high levels of commitment and citizenship behaviour at T2 and both these lagged effects lasted until T3. In all analyses, baseline, time pressure and autonomy at work as well as background factors were controlled for.
Limitations: The study is based on self-reports.
Research/Practical Implications: To maintain employee well-being and positive organizational attitudes it would be important to decrease affective rumination. Nevertheless, cognitive rumination during off-job time seems to be beneficial especially to organizational level outcomes.
Originality/Value: This three-wave longitudinal study is among the first studies on the lagged effects (1–2 years) of affective and cognitive work-related rumination.


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