Fr-SYM-1221-6 - Checking One Last Email?The Use Of Work-Related Communication Media In The Evening For Employees’ Recovery And Well-Being

Recovery and unwinding
vendredi 19 mai   04:15 PM à 05:15 PM (1 heure)
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Employee stress and burnout
Recovery and unwinding
Checking one last email?
The use of work-related communication media in the evening for employees’ recovery and well-being
C. Binnewies 1,*, C. Dams 1
1Work Psychology, University of Muenster, Institute of Psychology, Muenster, Germany
Main Abstract Content: Purpose: The goal of our study was to examine the daily use of work-related communication media during leisure evening time for employees’ recovery and well-being. We hypothesized that work-related communication by means of emails, phone and facebook during leisure time in the evening decreases psychological detachment from work and impairs well-being in the evening.
Design/Methodology: We conducted a 5-day diary study with a mixed sample of 85 employees (providing data of 369 days).
Results: Results of hierarchical linear modelling showed that work-related email communication in the evening was related to decreased psychological detachment and increased negative affect before going to bed. Unexpectedly, work-related use of facebook was positively related to psychological detachment but negatively to positive affect. Phoning was negatively related to psychological detachment but unrelated to well-being.
Limitations: Despite our diary design and focus on within-person processes we cannot draw conclusions about causality. More characteristics (e.g., self-initiated vs. other-initiated; communication partner) of communication media use should be examined in future studies.
Research/Practical Implications: Employees and organizations should reduce work-related email communication during evening leisure time as it impairs recovery and well-being. With regard to other work-related communication media a differentiated approach is warranted.
Originality/Value: Our study is one of the few studying the use of specific work-related use of communication media during evening leisure time.

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