Sa-SYM-1369-5 - The Process Of Abusive Supervision: Leaders, Their Leaders, And Followers

Leadership and followership
samedi 20 mai   11:30 AM à 12:30 PM (1 heure)
Leadership and management
Leadership and followership
The process of abusive supervision: Leaders, their leaders, and followers
B. Schyns 1,*
1Durham University Business School, Durham, United Kingdom
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art: This symposium includes four presentations around the topic of abusive supervision. We are specifically interested in the process of abusive supervision, that is, how abusive supervision is shaped. So far, most research into abusive supervision focuses on its outcomes rather than a more holistic view. Here, we are investigating how behaviour of the leader (as well as his / her leader’s behaviour) interacts with follower personality in the perception of abusive supervision.
New Perspectives/Contributions: Followers are part of the process that is abusive supervision but little is known as to how they contribute to the existence of abusive supervision. The perspective of followers is important when considering follower-related outcomes but this has not been acknowledge sufficiently in previous research. While it is clear that abusive supervision exists and has detrimental consequences for followers, the question is why some followers perceive abusive supervision stronger than others. Abusive supervision is, in our view, a combination of leaders, their leaders, and followers.
Research/Practical Implications: Knowing more about abusive supervision as a process can help understand the phenomenon better. This is important when considering interventions but also for future research when outcomes are considered as they might be more individually different than currently acknowledged. In addition, looking into the process of abusive supervision and acknowledging the different actors in this process will allow targeted interventions that are more likely to really improve the leadership in an organisation.

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