Fr-SYM-1438-5 - Mindfulness In The UK National Health Service: Can Mindfulness Interventions Boost Staff Resilience?

Emerging themes in I/O psychology
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Emerging themes in I/O psychology
Mindfulness in the UK National Health Service: Can mindfulness interventions boost staff resilience?
L. Ingram 1,*, J. Dawson 1, A. Carter 1
1Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield, SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom
Main Abstract Content: Purpose
Evaluate the effectiveness of an eight-week workplace mindfulness intervention for employees at a UK NHS Trust.
A quantitative intervention study with a control group examined changes in psychological resilience, emotion-regulation, work-related well-being, and mindfulness, when employees received the eight-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course.  Data were collected pre- and post-intervention, and at a six-month follow-up.
Results indicate improvement in psychological resilience, workplace well-being, emotion-regulation through reappraisal of emotions, and mindfulness for the MBSR training attendees compared to the control group.  Further changes within and between the intervention and control groups after a six-month follow-up will be discussed, as well as the role of home practice of mindfulness exercises in maintaining the benefits of the intervention.
Research drop-out rates in this sample were high, which may influence the power of the findings.
Research/Practical Implications
A traditional eight-week MBSR intervention in the workplace may have further reaching benefits by improving psychological resilience and the ability to regulate emotions, which have the potential to influence working relationships and hardiness of employees, in addition to reducing stress.
Controlled intervention study exploring the effects of MBSR upon resilience and emotion-regulation in the workplace, as key potential benefits of taking part in a mindfulness training programme.  


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