Ancient Aliens: Space Station Moon

Space & Alien CommunicationAncient Aliens Contributors
Saturday Jun 16   02:00 PM to 02:50 PM (50 minutes)
Pasadena Convention Center - Orion Room (Exhibit Hall C)
The Moon is the most visible celestial body in the night sky and is essential to life on Earth. But what if the Moon is not the natural object we believe it to be? Unidentified lunar objects in NASA photography may point to extraterrestrial structures on the moon, and possibly evidence of what lies beneath the surface. Some Ancient Astronaut theorists have even suggested that the Moon is actually an artificial object, placed in its current position by otherworldly beings thousands of years ago. Could extraterrestrials have been monitoring us from space since the dawn of mankind? Might this explain the importance of the Moon in relation to life on Earth?