From the Sky to the Screen: A Sneak Peek of PROJECT BLUE BOOK on HISTORY

Disclosure, Cover-Ups, and Government
Saturday Nov 10   02:20 PM to 03:20 PM (1 hour)
Baltimore Convention Center - MainStage (Swing Hall)
The upcoming new drama series Project Blue Book, premiering January 8 at 10pm ET/PT on HISTORY, is based on the work of Dr. J Allen Hynek and the real declassified files of the 1950s Air Force program that investigated UFO sightings. But telling this dramatic tale requires both deep research and clever storytelling to keep things authentic while allowing the thrills to play out. Get an exclusive sneak peek, and learn from the team behind the show about what really happened, including some of the 12,000 declassified cases and mysterious sightings that truly are stranger than fiction.

Screen an exclusive “sneak peek” of the show, followed by a panel conversation with creator, writer and co-executive producer David O’Leary and Paul Hynek, Project Blue Book consultant and son of Dr. Hynek. Moderated by Arturo Interian, Senior Vice President of Scripted Programming, HISTORY.