A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon

Abduction and Contact Experiences
Friday Nov 09   11:40 AM to 01:10 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Baltimore Convention Center - Pioneer Room (318-323)
For nearly seven decades, we have attempted to establish a viable approach to studying the UFO phenomenon. Yet, whether through the lens of science, philosophy, psychology, theology, or history, it can be argued that few concrete determinations about the true source and motivation of UFOs or their possible controllers have emerged. Sprague theorizes that by observing trends present in case reports of the phenomena and assessing their implications, perhaps some solid data and even answers can be gleaned. Could the experience and aftermath of a UFO event actually shape the progression and evolution of the phenomena? This presentation will be a personal journey through the hearts and minds of witnesses and those who’ve recorded, investigated, and researched UFO accounts, guiding us towards an entirely human approach to what many consider alien phenomena.