NK Kranda

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NK Kranda is a southern California native who somehow ended up living in multiple states before settling in Texas. She went to school for Horticulture Sciences and graduated with highest honors. She then continued her education in the fields of psychology, PTSD and trauma therapies, art, biology, physics, history, and shamanism. She currently works in experiencer research and preservation and has the honor of interviewing some of the most incredible people the field has to offer.

Her interest in contactees and experiencers began when she volunteered as a MUFON secretary. After writing way too many reports, she found her true interests were in the people that quietly came to meetings to tell an incredible story. She taught them to fight stigma, to never stop telling their story, and to honor themselves because they survived. When not wandering around the beauty of the outdoors, she can be reached at nkkmufon@gmail.com. She would love to read your story.

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Friday June 21, 2019

1:00 PM
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