Tamara J. Scott

Orange County Board Member
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Tamara J. Scott has enjoyed exploring and participating in the paranormal since childhood. At the age of five, she witnessed three UFOs (saucer type) chasing each other in a triangular shape in the skies over Portland, Oregon in the middle of the night with her grandfather, grandmother, and little sister. Over the years, she has had many UFO sightings – including an incredible display on her birthday in Mt. Shasta, CA with her husband and another friend. She will also share her personal Sasquatch sighting if you ask her about it. To her, the “paranormal” is normal, and every new experience is one of awe and wonderment!

Tamara is an empath, as well as a Spiritual Medium, and her skills have enabled her to serve as a conduit between time/space/dimensions/people. She has used her gifts to assist law enforcement with searches for missing people and has conducted more than 500 readings for private clients. Tamara feels that being a medium is a sacred gift, and it is important to come from your heart, and be a “clear channel” in service to others.

Tamara is a graduate of Oregon State University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Journalism. In her spare time, she plays the Celtic harp, and volunteers as a MUFON Field Investigator and a MUFON Orange County Board Member.

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