The Megalithic Giants: Did an Ancient Race of Titans build the Pyramids and Stone Circles?

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Sunday Jun 23   10:20 AM to 11:20 AM (1 hour)
Los Angeles Convention Center - Asteroid Room - #403
For a long time, it was thought that giants were just part of folklore. But recent research shows at least 1500 reports of a giant race—some with double rows of teeth, horned skulls, powerful jaws, and elongated craniums—who ruled since at least 10,000 BC. In ancient mounds and caves in the deserts of North America, these giants are said to have grown up to a staggering 18 feet tall. At Stonehenge in England, skeletons up to 14 ft tall have been reported, suggesting a connection between these ancient cultures. Yet, after the Smithsonian Institution got involved, evidence of the ancient giants mysteriously vanished. Why has this part of history been so meticulously covered up?