Ancient High Technology: Megalithic Mysteries of the Serpent Gods

Ancient Astronaut Theory & Ancient CulturesAncient Aliens Contributors
Friday Jun 21   10:20 AM to 11:20 AM (1 hour)
Los Angeles Convention Center - Meteor Room - #408
Megalithic sites are found all over the world. The extraordinary complexity, sophistication, and hidden geometry are just three reasons these temples have such a huge effect on us. When the antiquarians of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries started investigating them, they became intoxicated with what we now call "megalithomania." This lecture delves deep into the old records and prehistoric myths to reveal a lost tradition that may finally give some answers as to why and how they were built. Hugh Newman will show us tantalizing evidence of astronomical and geodetic principles that emerged from the Gobekli Tepe and other sites in the Middle East and spread through Europe and around the world, led by a group who called themselves "serpents." Hidden astronomical alignments converge with geometry, metrology, and geomancy in this lecture, opening a portal into the mindset of those that built these remarkable sites: the Serpent Gods.