Atlantean and Earth Initiations with Vywamus, Inner Guardian of the Earth

Religion & Spirituality
Friday Jun 21   01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (1 hour)
Los Angeles Convention Center - Comet Room - #406
After a brief discussion of Atlantis from a conscious perspective, Gregory will channel the inner Guardian and Ascended Master Vywamus, who will unlock some of the ancient “holds” (energetic locks) that were placed upon individuals as part of agreements made during the downfall of Atlantis. These holds resulted from arguments between the spiritual and technical segments of the community’s leadership. By unlocking these holds, greater power and possibilities will be made available to participants. Vywamus claims these initiations will: create greater trust within your being for confidence, empowerment and courage; initiate a more rapid decision-making process in your being; and increase the speed with which messages from the mind are delivered to the body.