Seeing Through The Eyes Of Black Female Playwrights

Business of Theatre
1:45 PM, Saturday 12 Jan 2019 (1 hour)
New York Hilton Midtown - 430 - PROJECTOR - Gramercy Room
Black female playwrights create sensitive, caring, and powerful works that explore the issues going on in the Black community. They look at the struggles, the inner racism, the self-hatred, societal racism, a painful history as a people, one's different sexual orientations, and our common humanity. They make the audiences feel something, whether it is moved, outraged, shocked or able to identify with the characters before them. How is it that these female playwrights are able to capture serious issues that Black people face and present them in a way that makes audiences not only take note but, take something away from the experience? Black female playwrights will sit down and talk about the issues they cover, where they get their inspiration from, and what they are trying to give to society through their profoundly moving works.
New York Amsterdam News
Theatre Critic
Good Grief, The Homecoming Queen
Playwright, Actor, Director
A Small Oak Tree Runs Red, Butterflies in the Mist, An Ancient Tale of Debauchery
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