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Hogwarts House Mental Health

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3:15 PM, Sunday 11 Aug 2019 CDT (1 hour)
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center - Phoenix Room (D162/164)
The Muggle WorldBeyond the Books and Films
Passionate/ Hot-headed. Empathetic/ Overwhelmed. Confident/ Arrogant. Perfectionist/ Disappointed. What does your Hogwarts House say about your mental health? A Gryffindor (Becky Helms of The Pink Samurai), a Hufflepuff (Danielle Reichman of Little Petal), a Slytherin (Amber Johnson of Galaxy Gear Boutique), and a Ravenclaw (Jane Burson of HUFS) discuss the emotional spectrum and stereotypes aligned with their House and how it personally affects them.

My Session Status

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