Unbreakable Vows: What is the Truth?

The Wider Wizarding World
2:00 PM, Friday 9 Aug 2019 CDT (1 hour)
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center - Unicorn Room (D167/174)
What do Unbreakable Vows count as Truth? Can the magic of a Vow sense what the truth is, even when the person bound by it (or the caster) doesn't have all the information? How much does personal belief influence the Vow? At what point does a Vow kill the person it's bound to? Does the intent of an action matter when one is bound by a Vow? Or is it only the action itself that matters? We will have a detailed discussion of The Crimes of Grindelwald's Yusuf Kama and Harry Potter's Severus Snape, and how their Vows influenced their actions.