Swish And Clip: Our Favorite Scenes That Did Not Make The Final Cut

Film Studies
4:30 PM, Sunday 11 Aug 2019 CDT (1 hour)
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center - Puffskein Room (D163/165)
The cuts throughout the Harry Potter films have sparked a lot of discussion and controversy throughout the fandom. From a proper explanation of Priori Incantatem in Goblet of Fire to Riddle/Gaunt backstory in Half-Blood Prince, there is a Gringotts-sized vault of backstory and detail that Jo Rowling created that couldn't be fit into the films. In this panel, We'll discuss some of the most talked about cuts, why they may have been cut, why the films are better for some cuts, and scenes that were filmed but didn't make the final cut. Come ready to share your opinions!

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