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Robin Wasserman

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Robin Wasserman is the author of The Waking DarkThe Book of Blood and Shadow, the Cold Awakening trilogy, and several other books for children and teens. (Maybe you caught the TV miniseries adaptation of her Seven Deadly Sins series... and if you haven’t, you’re missing out.) She grew up in Philadelphia, moved to New York as soon as she got the chance, and, for her very first task at her very first job out of college, was assigned to scour the city for a miniature red carpet that could be rolled out for J. K. Rowling’s imminent arrival. (She failed.) Go to her website ( to see embarrassing pictures of her childhood or follow her on Twitter @robinwasserman to learn her opinion on important topics such as 80s cartoons, ice cream flavors, and that weird guy sitting next to her at the coffee shop.

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Wednesday 13 July, 2011

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