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The Marauders’ Worst Memory/The Potter Prophesy

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1:00 PM, Thursday 14 Jul 2011 EDT (1 hour)
Loews Royal Pacific Resort - Pacifica Ballroom 4
The Marauders' Worst Memory is directed by Erin Pyne. The film takes place in Hogwarts' past, when James Potter and his friends, the Marauders, were students. Sirius Black tricks Severus Snape into following Remus Lupin into the Whomping Willow on the night of a full moon. When James discovers the prank he sets off to stop the half-blood prince from encountering a full-blooded werewolf!

The Potter Prophecy delves into the decisions and betrayals leading up to the mur- ders of James and Lily Potter. After the Prophecy is heard, James, Lily, and little Har- ry must go into hiding. Choosing a secret keeper, the Potters are protected by the fi-
delius charm. Witness the betrayal of Pettigrew and the famous encounter between the Potters and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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