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The Sorting Process - How the Sorting Hat Works

Formal Programming
11:00 AM, Friday 15 Jul 2011 EDT (50 minutes)
Loews Royal Pacific Resort - South China Sea
We all know what the Sorting Hat does. He perpetuates the spirit and strengths of each house. How does the Sorting Hat make the decisions that place each student into one of the Four Houses? We’ll start with a short review of the philosophy of Helga Hufflepuff, the three “Songs” in the books and other pertinent information about underage wizards such as the “Trace.” After this, we’ll begin the discussion by considering the independent powers and free will the Sorting Hat possesses, and how these are used in the decision-making process. What other information might this magical Hat use in sorting the students into the Houses? Copies of the songs will be furnished at the start of the session.

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