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Publishing, Librarianship, and the Book Industry in the Wizarding World

Formal Programming
9:00 AM, Saturday 16 Jul 2011 EDT (50 minutes)
It should not be surprising that books which have engaged millions of readers actually include books as major plot devices, libraries and bookstores as critical settings, and writers and readers as characters both minor and major. In addition, Rowling often has a fair bit of fun in her depiction of authors, publishers, and the members of the literary industry, both lampooning the world her novels took by storm, and creating a parallel version of the literary world of Muggles. Join authors Elizabeth Baird Hardy and Michael C. Hardy, who have worked both sides of the book production universe, to explore the texts within our shared text and the ways in which Rowling subtly, and sometimes not-so subtly, critiques the history and realities of her own profession and the industries that support it.

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