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Writing in Circles: Harry Potter and the Magic of Ring Composition

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11:30 AM, Saturday 16 Jul 2011 EDT (1 hour 20 minutes)
Loews Royal Pacific Resort - Pacifica Ballroom 8-12
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Put on a pair of Harry's round glasses and experience the Hogwarts Saga as you never have before. We know that the magic of Harry Potter is the remarkable artistry and story-scaffolding of Ms. Rowling's writing. But who knew that 'Rowling' meant 'rolling' as in 'moving in circles'? John Granger explains that the seven book series as a whole is an integrated Ring Composition and that each individual novel, too, is built on a strict Ring of chapters that are, as Dumbledore puts it, "reverse echoes" of chapters reflecting their meaning on opposite sides of that book. Granger charts the series architecture and the lay-out of every book so this structure is unmistakable and then he links this traditional artistry to Ms. Rowling's postmodern and Christian meaning. For the serious reader who needs to know the how and why of Harry's popularity, 'Writing in Circles' delivers amazing insights about and a fresh appreciation of the genius and magic of Ms. Rowling's work.

John Granger


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