Mutual Respect and Kinship: Race and Harry Potter

Constant VigilanceExpanding the Wizarding World
2:00 PM, Saturday 2 Sep 2017 IST (50 minutes)
Citywest Suite 1
During the backlash of “History of Magic in North America,” J.K. Rowling explained away racism in the Wizarding World, saying that “there was mutual respect and a sense of kinship between all wizards, no matter what their race.” However, through her stories, we can see where this logic falls apart. In this panel, we will discuss the problem with this statement and the ways in which race and racism come into play in the Harry Potter series and the larger Wizarding World.
The Harry Potter Alliance
Research Team Lead
Black Girls Create
Co-Founder and Head of Community; Co-host #WizardTeam: A Harry Potter Podcast
Black Girls Create
Co-Founder & Editor In Chief
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