Bethany McQuiston

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Bethany McQuiston of Livonia, Michigan is proud to say that she is perfectly geeky, thank you very much. When Bethany is not listening (or crying, let's be honest) to Wizard Rock, she is probably procrastinating studying by playing Wizards Unite. Once she finishes her undergrad from the University of Michigan, Bethany dreams of moving to New England to get her masters in School Psychology and to be closer to the Wizard Rock scene.

Sessions in which Bethany McQuiston participates

Friday 11 October, 2019

Time Zone: EDT/Eastern Time (US & Canada)
10:15 AM
10:15 AM
How Do You LeakyCon? 1 hour 10:15 AM EDT  -  11:15 AM EDT  |  Seaport World Trade Center , Amphitheater
Participant Brian Acunis | Participant Lexi Whittemore | Participant Ally Haley | Participant Bethany McQuiston
The Muggle WorldFandom

Saturday 12 October, 2019

Time Zone: EDT/Eastern Time (US & Canada)
2:00 PM
2:00 PM
Hogwarts As A Home 2.0 1 hour 2:00 PM EDT  -  3:00 PM EDT  |  Seaport Hotel Boston , Seaport Ballroom
Participant Becki Osborne | Moderator Kevin R. | Participant Courtney Conway | Participant Bethany McQuiston | Participant Amanda Brooke