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Hagrid, Half-bloods, and Squibs: One-Drop Rule?

Examine the CanonQuestions of the Wizarding World
12:45 PM, Saturday 12 Oct 2019 EDT (1 hour)
As a fandom, we talk a lot about pureblood and wizard supremacy, but how often do we investigate what lies between the extremes? Using the portrayal of characters like Rubeus Hagrid, Minerva McGonagall, Harry Potter, and Argus Filch, we will examine the intricacies of blood status. Are Hagrid and Lupin true outliers? How do their experiences differ from Mrs. Figg's? How do allies intentionally and unintentionally reinforce pureblood values?
University of California
Postdoctoral Researcher
Black Girls Create
Creative Coordinator
The Harry Potter Alliance
Research Team Lead
University of Texas at Austin
Program Coordinator
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