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Harry Potter and the Gendered Dynamics of the Wizarding (WHAT? A GENDERED WORD?) World

Questions of the Wizarding World
2:00 PM, Friday 11 Oct 2019 EDT (1 hour)
Seaport World Trade Center - Beacon Hill Complex
From the Hogwarts house dormitories, magical occupations, and the representations of women of color in the series, gender permeates the magical world just as significantly as it permeates our own. A diverse set of folks with expertise in gender studies will seek to discuss the intricacies of how gender is represented and interpreted in the Harry Potter series. Panelists will discuss questions such as: How it is gender represented in similar or different ways to our own world? Differently? How does the existence of magic change the ways in which their world is gendered? How do race, class, magical blood-type, and species intersect with gender in the magical world to form unique identities and perspectives? How does our own gender affect the way we experience the magical world? Come along for some interesting and thought-provoking discussions!
Black Girls Create
Co-Founder and Head of Community; Co-host #WizardTeam: A Harry Potter Podcast
Black Girls Create
Co-Founder & Editor In Chief
Sorted: Growing Up
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