Theorizing for the Bored Witch and Wizard: After Dark Edition

FandomQuestions of the Wizarding World
4:30 PM, Saturday 12 Oct 2019 EDT (1 hour)
Seaport World Trade Center - Harborview Ballroom
What makes a creature magic? Like centaurs are cool but so are fireflies and anglerfish. Is there a wizard version of Uber? Is it broom or side-along apparition based? DID WIZARDS OF THE 90s SEND CHAIN LETTERS WITH ACTUAL CURSES ATTACHED TO THEM?! These are the very important, not-so-important questions that have haunted us since the Potter books first came out. Come prepared to participate in what will be the silliest but also least illuminating panel of the con. 

NOTE: This panel will be uncensored and may bring up topics not suitable for young children.
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