Lamar University - Reaud Honors College

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In the Reaud Honors College, we foster a strong sense of community that is supportive of the personal and professional development of each of our students.

The Reaud Honors College offers enriched courses in all areas of the University's core curriculum, upper-level interdisciplinary topics courses and seminars, enhanced offerings in many majors, and opportunities for Independent Study, Honors Contracts and the Honors Thesis. In Honors, students enjoy smaller classes taught by some of the best professors Lamar has to offer. Lamar’s Honors students are encouraged and supported in the conduct of community service, internships, research, and study abroad. Our Honors Student Association is one of the most active student organizations on campus. Students who complete one of two plans may become Honors College Graduates.

As leaders in the Lamar campus community, Honors students develop the skills that they will need in order to excel in their chosen careers.

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