Alpha Chi Honor Society

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Membership in Alpha Chi is an honor—an honor that's so much more than receiving a pin, wearing cords at graduation, or receiving a certificate. While as a national honor society we celebrate and recognize our members through all of this and more, membership in Alpha Chi is an honor not because of what we do, but because of what our members have accomplished. As part of the top 10% of their junior class, senior class, or graduate program, their achievements deserve true recognition and reward, which can only be offered through an honor society backed by its legacy, caliber, and opportunities. Since our founding in 1922, Alpha Chi has been dedicated to honoring our namesake, Aletheia meaning truth and Xapakthp meaning character. We're a certified non-profit and certified by the Association of College Honor Societies, an organization founded to identify each honor society that exhibits excellence in scholarship, service, programs, and governance. Our goal is complete transparency between Alpha Chi and our current and prospective members. Our mission is to use our resources with truth and character to provide academic growth and opportunities for each and every member. Alpha Chi—Dedicated to Making Scholarship Effective for Good."

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