Post-Conference Workshop: Play, Performance, and Improvisation (Prior Registration Required)

Honors Pedagogy
9:00 AM, Sunday 10 Nov 2019 (3 hours)
1st Floor Gallery

Post-Conference Workshop: "Play, Performance, and Improvisation: Tools to Maximize Creative and Developmental Pedagogy" with Lois Holzman.

This hands-on workshop will introduce you to an approach to teaching and learning that taps into the human capacity to play, pretend, perform; in other words, to be “ourselves” and “not ourselves” at the same time. Based in a synthesis of performative psychology and social approaches to learning, improvisational and unscripted learning crosses academic disciplines, gives teachers new ways to deliver content, and engages students intellectually and emotionally in new ways. Experience the practicality, power and fun of building the ensemble, performing as expert, playing with theory, and much more.

Read more on Lois Holzman here.

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