Writer's Boot Camp: Editing

Literature, boot camp, Horror, Fantasy, SciFi, Steampunk, Superheroes, Anime
Saturday Oct 07   01:00 PM to 01:50 PM (50 minutes)
CC - Boardroom (304)
boot camp

Meet your Drill Instructors who will be drilling you intensely for 50 minutes on how to polish yhour manuscript like a pro!

Local celebrity author and EWU writing professor John Bladek will drill you in Proofreading. What is proofreading? How is it done? Why is it important? What are some of the most prevalent grammar issues in the written word today, and how can an aspiring writer avoid them to ensure a polished, professional final manuscript?

Grand Prize Winner of Writers of the Future, and prolific author of nine novels, four short story collections, and over fifty short stories, James Glass, will drill you in Flow. When did that happen again? Did he say that or just think it? Who was where in this scene? How does the answer to that connect to this later scene? Maintaining a clear, clean flow in all aspects of a story is vital to keep a reader not only engaged, but fully immersed. How can a writer best utilize their editing time to ensure the flow of their story is fluid and makes sense?

Tachyon Books Managing Editor Jill Roberts will drill you in Professionalism. Agents and editors get queries and pitches all the time. Most are sent to the depths of the slush pile for one very important, but also highly avoidable reason: the writing is sub-par. In order to shine to a publishing pro who holds the gate key, a writer must present professionalism in their work. What are the most important points a writer should consider while editing their work in order to present a polished, professional manuscript to those who guard the gate?
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