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Saturday Oct 07   02:30 PM to 05:30 PM (3 hours)
CC - Hall C

Forty-Fingered Nakresh is the simian demon-god of wizards and thieves. His eight hands grasp all there is to take and hold tight. It is said that he reserves his lowest left hand for the boldest and most daring of his thefts. And this cult—a pentarchical assemblage of the region's most infamous scoundrels and and their followers—revere their god by emulating this behavior. The five monstrous crime lords that compose the Hand of Nakresh plot the most audacious and spectacular thefts in order to appease their deity and outdo the other members of their organization.

In this run of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Jeff Lee--veteran freelancer and Game Master with over three decades of experience--will unleash the Hand of Nakresh upon unsuspecting players. Who will thwart these nefarious villains? Come support and cheer on these brave souls: Brendan LaSalle of Goodman Games; KC Mussman of Face/Off and Nocturnal Designz; Ivan van Norman of Geek & Sundry; and...one (or even two!) members of the audience will be chosen to join this heroic crew!

Yes, you could have an opportunity to join this esteemed group, play a hero, and help vanquish this villainous cult, but only if you show up. Even if you aren't chosen, you can stay and watch as the gallant party assaults the sanctum of the cult and defeats them once and for all...or die trying.

Kobold Press
Geek & Sundry
Lord of Game Design and Board Games! | Storyteller and Host for Geek & Sundry
Sword specialist
Nocturnal Designz
CEO and Owner
Goodman Games
Marketing Director/ Event Coordinator

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