Super Dungeon Explore!

Gaming, Fantasy
Gaming - Tabletop
Friday Oct 06   01:00 PM to 08:00 PM (7 hours)
CC - Gaming - Table 64
The Dark Consul threatens Crystalia once again!
Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King edition (Ninja Division / Soda Pop Miniatures) is a board game that condenses the feel of a dungeon crawl RPG. The game has great miniatures and simple mechanics for players to jump right in. In Classic Rules, up to 5 players choose Heroes to go against the Consul - a sixth player playing the enemies. This all vs 1 aspect leads to cooperative play but with a human enemy to play tactically against. Chuck some dice, defeat various enemies and work together to lead to a climactic fight against the Dungeon Boss. Will the Heroes work together and defeat the Dark Consul? 
All gamer skill levels welcome! Warning: This game is LONG. Players should expect to be playing the entire time allotted. Hosted by Bevan Rogers. Table 64.

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