The RPG Trailer presents: Adventures in Middle Earth: Eves of Mirkwood

Gaming, Role Play, Fantasy
Gaming - Role Play
Friday Oct 06   01:00 PM to 04:00 PM (3 hours)
CC - RPG Trailer
Come to the RPG Trailer on the south side of the vendor hall. Venture deep into the mysterious and deadly Mirkwood Forest! With GM John.

*Level Range: *1(pre-generated characters)
*Adventure Designer:* Jon Hodgson
*Adventure Description: *The Company finds themselves setting out from
Woodmen-town to travel through the Eaves of Mirkwood towards Lake-town.
When the Journey goes awry they must draw swords in aid of a village
beleaguered by the dreaded Greymuzzle Hob.
*Adventure Length: *3 hours

​This is a table-top role-playing game. Pre-generated characters will be provided, and everything you need to play, except the moxie! You bring that yourself!

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