Carlos Martín

QA Engineer - Ops Minion
Nine Worlds
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Hi! My name is Carlos, I'm a QA Engineer by day and a confusing mix of Gamemaster/Amateur Writer/MMO addict by night.

For a living I make sure call centre software is working correctly, and in the past I have worked in the console and mobile game spaces. I have experience in manual and automated functional testing, as well as localisation and internationalization testing.

Playing pretend is a favourite pastime.I have been roleplaying since I was nine years old, and I play or run games almost every week nowadays. I'm looking to expand into some Actual Play podcasting with friends and maybe write a thing or two.

Nine Worlds has become a bright light of a weekend for me, and I have volunteered the last three years. If I'm not running around with a purple vest giving a hand, you might find me at one of the writing seminars, or the gaming area. If you want a quick game of Fate, I'm your guy!

¡También en español!

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Saturday August 5, 2017

1:30 PM
1:30 PM