Sums of the Undead: The Mathematics of Zombie Epidemics

Academia,  Science
Saturday Aug 05   05:00 PM to 06:00 PM (1 hour)
Novotel London West - Muscadet
maths Zombies
The flesh-hungry shambling horrors of George Romero and beyond are clearly no simple virus. That said, there are many ways in which a zombie outbreak behaves much like a disease outbreak, and epidemiologists and statisticians have spent more than a century modelling such incidents to better understand how infections spread.
In this talk, I shall outline in layperson’s language some of the foundational concepts of these mathematical models for the spread of infection, and explore how they operate when the specific properties of a zombie-virus are assumed. How long can humanity survive? Can we actually fight back and defeat the horde? And how exactly can we mathematically account for Rick Grimes? These and other burning questions will be answered in this presentation.
Department of Statistics, University of Warwick