Bring your ideas and prepare to explore you can improve hospital food and respond to your “patient’s voice”. This workshop will highlight leading national efforts to innovate around the patient food service. Case studies will be shared from leaders who have converted to room service, emphasized patient and staff education, and sharpened the skills of cooks in the kitchen. These cases will be discussed in the context of organizational benchmarks and current provincial and federal policy opportunities, like Canada's Food Guide.

Take a tour across the country of leading strategies in values-based procurement. Emboldened by the desire to "take control of our supply chains!" Innovators will share their individual and collaborative efforts to bring social and environmental sustainability into the equation to find the best value for patients - and planet. This workshop will also explore collaborative national efforts to move the industry forward on sustainable procurement.

Menu-setting is high leverage when it comes to nourishing the patient - and more resilient food systems. Join this workshop to learn practical ways to increase the social impact and decrease the carbon footprint of your health care menu.

This interactive session highlights learnings from Nourish's Traditional Food Program's journey in exploring the significance,value, and logistics of serving traditional foods in healthcare facilities. Leaders in offering traditional food programs in hospitals across Canada will share case studies about cultivating organizational readiness to meaningfully deliver traditional food programs. Guided by elders and knowledge keepers and the teachings of Mi’kmaw elder Albert Marshall, participants will be invited to reflect and share on their next steps for incorporating two-eyed seeing into their work.