Creativity, Craftsmanship, Competition: Cosplay! Show off your hard work and artistic expertise in 2017’s Ohayocon Cosplay Expo! This year there are six cosplay competition categories: Expo-Craftsmanship, Expo-Performance, Lindsay Look Alike, Original Design, Universal Cosplay, and Hallway!  Check your schedules for the time and place.


This category is all about design, construction, execution and general presentation! Participants will also be in the fashion show segment of the Ohayocon Cosplay Expo. Costumes or fashion entries must be of Asian origin or influence. If you want to see the highest quality cosplay around this event is for you!



This category is all about putting on a show! Competitors will bring their best three-minute skit to the stage and attempt to make you laugh, cry and everything in between. Filled with original scripts written by our creative contestants and surprising musical acts, the Expo-Performance is the main draw of our cosplay competition!


Original Design

This category is all about original and creative design. Original characters of Asian influence will join the fashion show during the Cosplay Expo and be judged on overall craftsmanship.


Lindsay Look Alike

You’ve had your chance to see Lindsay Howard (Ohayocon’s cute nurse mascot) in your program guide and on the website, but now it’s time to meet her in the flesh! We’re on the hunt to find 2017’s official Lindsay and it could be you!


Universal Cosplay

Our newest category, Universal Cosplay, is all about letting every fandom have a shot at the Ohayocon Cosplay action! Here you’ll see all sorts of video game, cartoon, comic book, and film characters on stage! Universal Cosplay is the only pre-judged category that you need to be at the convention to register for so be sure to make your way over if you want to compete.



This informal contest doesn’t even require entry! We have our judges prowling the convention floor Friday and Saturday evenings to hand out awards based on general presentation, craftsmanship, and likeness-to-character. Winners are given an award ribbon and a sense of satisfaction!


Visit the website ( if you’re looking to join in the fun! Good luck!