Pajama Jam & Lolita Crush

Pajama Jam

Hey! Wake up! The Great Deku – er – It’s time for the Pajama Jam! Jammies aren’t required but they sure are encouraged. We’re going to play games, get up to no good, and compete in the “Sleepy Time Cosplay” contest! Nothing to yawn at here!


We’ll play, gossip, and have ourselves a super fun time before bed! ...or the dance, if that’s your thing.


Lolita Crush

Petticoats and blouses, and ruffles, oh my!

Consider this your invitation to join our Lolita Crush, Ohayocon’s annual Lolita tea party! This year’s theme is Classic. (Though you don’t have to dress in Classic fashion, of course.) Make new friends, show off your co-ords, share tips, and enjoy Lolita Culture while enjoying tea, snacks and games!