Club Ohayocon - Dance

Grab your glowsticks and check your bags: Club Ohayocon is open for business! Club Ohayocon is your Friday and Saturday night destination for sick beats and all the fun your nerdy little heart can handle. Dress to dance because the music ain’t just for listen’ to!


To get into Club Ohayocon you must have an official Ohayocon wristband and have no bags with you. In the event that you need a small bag for medical purposes (such as holding an inhaler) please have it checked by the diligent staff over at the Room of Holding! They'll mark it so the staff knows you have a special reason for taking it in. Full face masks, such as gas masks, are prohibited at the Ohayocon Dance for safety reasons. Handheld items like props or selfie sticks are also not permitted; however, dance-themed items like glow sticks are allowed. If you aren’t sure if something is allowed inside the dance, go to the Room of Holding to get it double-checked!


Find Club Ohayocon in the Regency Ballroom!