Featured Panelists

Ohayocon is proud to be hosting and highlighting some of the best​ in​ local panel talent! Check out our amazing groups and solos and stop by one ​or many ​of their polished panels!

Anime Hell

Anime Hell’s human side cannot be quantified by a mere one or two people. Sometimes it takes three or more! Just as the show’s content changes from convention to convention so do its hosts and producers, ever shrouded in mystery and darkness. But maybe it’s because the lights are off in the room. Yes. That’s it.


Kick-Punch-QWOP is an American paneling octet which began as a trio. The group has been entertaining fans at Ohayocon (and various other conventions) for eleven years, presenting panels often to standing-room-only crowds. They are best known for the Ohayocon Game Show and The Weirdest Games You’ve Never Played. None of them have ever been arrested. The group had 3 consecutive Platinum albums along with 6 top 10 hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100 during the 1990s including “Just Kickin’ It”, “Who Can I Run To”, “The Arms of the One Who Loves You”, and “My Little Secret” [citation needed].

Look for their panels: The Metagame, QWOPWatch: Dragonball Evolution, The Ohayocon Game Show!, The Weirdest Games You’ve Never Played 7: Harvest All QWOPs, The Beat, Dropped 2: Make A Note Of It

Sanddiver Studios

Samaru has been cosplaying since 2010 and has constructed multiple costumes for himself and his wife Rajamitsu. He has entered his costumes in several masquerades, including here at Ohayocon in 2014, where he won best in show. He enjoys passing along tips and tricks he’s learned over the years and has given instructional presentations at cons around the Midwest. He enjoys designing and sewing all manner of costumes (his favorite is Victorian era clothing) and crafting props, especially swords. He has done a little bit of everything, from pattern modification, to wood carving, even to chainmail. You can find his work and get cosplay tips at sanddiverstudios.com.

Rajamitsu of Sanddiver Studios (www.sanddiverstudios.com) is a cosplayer, artist, and general geek. When it comes to cosplay, she usually models her husband, Samaru’s, work. When working on costumes with Samaru, she handles small props, wigs, and general clean-up work. When not helping Samaru with cosplay work, she spends her time making art, posting online as Tiny T-Rex Studios. She also enjoys collecting anime figures (she has a particular weakness for blind box figures), board and card games, dressing up her Lalafell in Final Fantasy XIV, puppets, and making obscure video game and music references.

Check out their panels: Sewing Men’s Clothing, Games of Anime, 3D Printed Props, Costumes Beyond The Basics, After the Sewing, Constructing Cosplay Props.

James Williams

James Williams is a nationally-known author and presenter with autism. He has been an attendee at anime conventions since attending his first anime con, Anime Central, in 2010. He has volunteered at anime conventions in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. He is also the author of three children’s books on autism, Oou To Get Jack, The H.A.L. Experiment, and When Gary Comes To Play.

Stop by his panel: Autism in the Anime/Manga Community: An Overview​