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From its humble beginnings as a room party at Atlanta-area conventions, Anime Hell has grown to be a room-filling event for hundreds at a time at conventions across the country, and even into Canada! Produced and hosted by several mortals worthy enough to survive compilation of these video morsels into crowd-pleasing(?) extravaganzas, no two shows are ever completely the same, and even have their own regional flavors. Presenting Anime Hell at Ohayocon for what feels like the fiftieth time (it’s really been since 2003) are Jeff “Rich Lather” Tatarek and Ryan “Gavv” Gavigan, returning for two shows: one chock full of classic clips, the other stuffed with as much new high weirdness as the world can belch forth. (please note: Anime Hell may contain less than 100% actual anime. Deal with it)

Anime Hell is bringing back their amazing compilations, details here.

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Sunday January 17, 2016

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