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Ethan Hellstrom is a photographer and cosplayer native to Columbus. He, along with partner-in-crime Mitchell Ellis, created and hosted Waifu Wars: Turbo Edition, a satirical panel taking aim at anime's best and worst characters in part-scripted, part-improvised skits, loaded with references to both current and classic shows, and plenty of dry and adult-oriented humor. Waifu Wars attracted crowds of as large as 200 at numerous conventions across the midwest and east coast before it was retired in 2016 - turns out that lugging a wall made of foamboard and PVC pipe everywhere was kind of a pain.

Now Ethan is shifting his focus on to more informational panels, including debuting "Fantastic Daedra and Where to Summon Them: An Elder Scrolls Lore Panel" at Ohayocon 2018. Fantastic Daedra is a primer on the lore of the Elder Scrolls franchise - a rich and unique fantasy world with enough backstory and deep lore to fill a bible-sized tome, and a world of which Ethan has been a passionate fan of for over a decade. He also is in the early planning stages of a Digital Photography crash-course for aspiring cosplay photographers, covering the basics of digital photography and basic portraiture.

Watch WAIFU WARS: TURBO EDITION from Matsuricon 2015:

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