Ohayocon Signature Events

Ohayocon staff run a number of events that are Ohayocon staples featured every year. Take a look and join the fun!

The Ohayocon Roast (18+) - J. Michael Tatum, delicately roasted to perfection...

Lolita Crush - Elegant, Gothic, Lolita; a Japanese fashion style adored worldwide is right at home in this Ohayocon signature event. Join the lovely Lolitas of the Ohio EGL community for a morning of tea, games, and chat. Ruffles recommended, decorum required.

Open Mic Night - Make people laugh. Tell the world your best stories, and your worst puns. Make the story of how your cosplay got stuck in the escalator a comedy instead of a tragedy, and crack us up with remembering how blown your mind was when you found out how much was taken out in the dub. Come to our stage, grab a time slot and make ‘em laugh!

Cosplay Lip Sync - Plug in your air guitar, smear on your invisible makeup,and raise your arm through a note that never ends. It’s time to strut the anime dance routine you’ve practiced all year that's totally not just another version of Para Para, because tonight you’re the star... or at least pretending to be. Pick your favorite song, plant your feet on the stage and become a legend as you Lip-Sync-Battle to be the best.

Pajama Jam - an Ohayocon signature event for those who love all things cozy, comfy, and fun! Stop by for games, snacks, and music in a relaxing late night atmosphere. Come wearing your favorite kigurumi and your best cosplay pajamas for a chance to win prizes!!

Floor Wars (New 2018!) - Floor Wars is a 1v1 all-styles dance battle, which has been widely popularized in the furry community for years. Now we’re working side by side with these talented dancers to bring you this truly exciting and dynamic competition. Dust off your dancing shoes, break out the cardboard, and get yourself ready, because you’ll need to bring your a-game for this intense dancing competition.

Formal Ball - A room of swirling gowns and quick feet; the Formal Ball is your chance to sweep your partner away in a night of classical ballroom dancing. Timeless music and dashing outfits will make this event one to remember. Proper formal attire is required!

Scavenger Hunt - The annual Ohayocon Scavenger hunt is on! Stop by one of the signups Friday or Saturday to get your checklist and begin the search for cool cosplays and Superpowered quests. Be one of the first teams to find all the things and retrieve your reward Sunday!

Ohayocon AMV Contest - Is your AMV good enough to beat the rest?? Join Vitamin H and the AMV League to see this year's best AMVs and witness the crowning of the very best!

Mock Audition Showdown (New 2018!) - See the struggle, the discovery and the joy that every voice actor must partake in when bringing a character to life. Watch and learn about the many different ways a story can be read, and how much a voice creates a character. Our guests will take on the challenge of creating heros, villains, fools, geniuses leaders and lackeys, all from identical pages of an imaginary anime audition script.

21+ Mixer - Are you part of the older anime crowd? Do you wish you had a place to reminisce about Robotech and Yu Yu Hakusho other than myspace? Do you just wish that the Big bar on 2 wasn't so crowded? Well you're in luck, Ojisan. This year, Ohayocon presents its twenty one and older mixer. Including a cash bar, and mini games like Anime Pictionary, and Old-School-Trivia challenges. This is a great place to laugh, make friends and have fun. Guaranteed no kids on the lawn.