Club Ohayocon

Every Friday and Saturday night, Ohayocon hosts a dance to the beat of electronic music in all its many forms. Late night is the time for high-energy, lights, and non-stop dancing. Remember to stay hydrated!

Main Events 2, Regency Ballroom (Hyatt 3rd Floor)

Friday: 10:30pm-2:30am

Saturday: 10pm-2am

Music performers/DJs for Club Ohayocon 2018:

Marson has played numerous events over his 5 year attempt at what some people would call “Deejaying” to a litany of mixed reviews, ranging from “I mean, he’s not awful.” to “I was told there would be free food. Is there not free food?” Come listen to some J-core, Future Bass, and a few other cool-sounding genres of music that are guaranteed to provide adequate background music for your awkward Tinder date

“Hi I’m MADDØG! Female DJ/music producer and lover of all things dance music. Atlanta born and Florida/ Chicago/ Detroit/ Indiana raised, my father coined me as “The Maddog” at an early age. Since I was a little girl I’ve looked up to creative women for inspiration, confidence and personal power. Some of these women include Madonna, Janet Jackson, and heavy house hitters like Ya Kid K. 

Since his debut in 2013, Adinga has played for conventions and shows all across the midwest. He wants you to immerse yourself in the beautiful experience of being surrounded by awesome lights, people, and the music he loves. He wants you to feel things. He will be playing a variety of genres spanning from melodic trance and electrohouse to loud, nasty trap and bassy house and stuff. Probably. Maybe he’ll just beep boop some buttons and surprise you. Just enjoy yourself, OK? <3

Shadow Clone is a hard partying, cosplay addicted, ball of geeky energy born from the awkward plies of the avoided and misunderstood for something fresh and relevant in their world of outcasts. Blasting convention stages like a spirit bomb, he leaves nothing but a mushroom cloud of music and fun in his wake!